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Industry Mentors support students in working on their career development goals. Be matched with a student for a minimum of 5 hours as a Larry Myny Industry Mentor and/or choose to be an Informational Interview Mentor and meet with mentees for a one-time conversation.

Larry Myny Industry Mentors can choose to be matched from Oct-Dec, Oct-Apr, or Feb-Apr.

Informational Interview Mentors can choose to be available Oct-Dec, Oct-Apr, Feb-Apr or year-round. Matches are based on ‘best fit’ and mentee availability.

The InSPIRE Mentoring Team processes applications on a weekly basis and you will receive an email from us once we’ve processed your application. If you have any questions please contact us at

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We are excited to get to know you! The following information helps us to make "best fit" matches. Please include all relevant infromation.

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Your answers to the following two questions help us to make "best fit matches" for students from specific populations, if requested.

  • Current serving, Regular Force member
  • Current serving, Primary Reservist
  • Veteran
  • Department of National Defence – Civil Servant
  • Immediate family of CAF service member or Veteran
  • Foreign Military Veteran

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Thank you for participating in the InSPIRE Mentoring Program at Fanshawe College. A member of the InSPIRE team will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

For more information, contact: