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  • Current serving, Regular Force member
  • Current serving, Primary Reservist
  • Veteran
  • Department of National Defence – Civil Servant
  • Immediate family of CAF service member or Veteran
  • Foreign Military Veteran

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  1. I acknowledge that attending Mentee Orientation is mandatory. If I do not attend orientation, I will not receive a match.
  2. I acknowledge that matches are not guaranteed and that if I do not receive a match I can participate in the Build Your Own Experience program.
  3. I understand that this is not a job placement opportunity.
  4. I confirm that I am available to meet with my mentor, at a minimum, 2 hours per month (virtual face-to-face, phone, email, etc) from October to April
  5. Larry Myny Industry matches will be made by mid-October at the latest.
  6. I understand I can contact the InSPIRE Team at any time for guidance, questions or concerns at

The InSPIRE Mentoring Team will process applications on a weekly basis to review for potential matches. You will receive an email by mid-October informing you of the status of your application.

*Availability of matches is dependent upon mentor registration in any given year.*

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